How to Get a Fast House Sale in 2015

Posted by in Property Sales, on July 21, 2015

Have you decided to place your home on the market? Need it to be sold rather quickly? If this is true, you need to understand that “staging” your home is incredibly important. The “staging” or the preparing of your home for potential home buyers is quite important. This will ensure that your property will be sold must faster while [potentially] adding a number of pounds to the value of the home. While working to stage your home, you will need to keep in mind that it is important to declutter the entire home, but do not depersonalize it.

Follow the guidelines that are listed below, and you will certainly get a fast house sale in 2015.

  • Rid your home of all of the excess items that have accumulated over the time you have resided in the house. You can either give the items away to friends and family, sell them or place them in storage until you move into your new living quarters.
  • Avoid making your house look like a generic hotel. Leave the property with a limited amount of personality. This will provide potential buyers that are unimaginative with decorating suggestions and more.
  • Consumers tend to buy into a lifestyle just as much as the property itself. Therefore it is important what when staging the house, you sell people on your lifestyle more than anything.
  • Consider removing furniture that is bulky as a measure of making the rooms of the home appear larger. Bulky furniture tends to make rooms appear smaller than they are and will deter potential buyers.
  • A fresh lick of paint will also help. Give the walls a coat of neutral paint which will cause your home to appear bigger and lighter. This will allow buyers to imagine themselves and their style within the rooms of the house, making for a quicker and easier sale.
  • Do not neglect the front door. It is the very first thing that potential buyers will see. Make them feel welcomed with a fresh coat of bright paint. Also, make sure that the front door is clean and has been fixed (if need be).
  • Should the house be in need of any minor repairs, make them yourself before you begin showing the property. This includes the fixing of: threadbare carpets, cracked tiles, broken door knobs and/or holes in walls. The vast majority of buyers want to be able to move in as hassles free as possible, this allows them that opportunity.
  • Clean the entire house until it sparkles. Rid the house of lime scale, eliminate tile grout, wax floors that are wooden, and rid the home of all unpleasant odors.
  • If your home has an outdoor garden, be sure that you tidy it up a bit. Make sure that your grass has been freshly cut, the patio is clean of dirt and lichen as well. This may not add value to the home, but it does make it more attractive and appealing to potential buyers; and that is the true goal.
  • Update the kitchen. The kitchen is the most valuable and utilized room within the house. In the world of real estate, this is a room that is actually worth far more per square foot as compared to other rooms within the house. The most simplistic and cost effective method of achieving this is to resurface the cabinetry of the kitchen. Additionally, remove all bulky appliances and leave out a bowl of fresh fruit in order to make buyers feel welcomed and at home.
  • If you have neighbors that are exceptionally noisy at times, choose to show the house during times of quiet or relative peace
  • Place lamps in areas of the house that tend to be dark or not extremely well lit.
  • Dress the windows properly with curtains or blinds. Windows that are naked make a property seem run down and impersonal. You can buy some cheap one from Ikea if needed.
  • Also keep in mind that flowers and plants are able to bring light, life and color to a room while also delivering pleasant aromas.
  • If you happen to be a smoker, place bowls of vinegar about the house for three days prior to showing the house. This will eliminate the smell of smoke from the home. Do note that the smell of smoke is the greatest deterrent for potential home buyers.