Quick House Sale Tips

Helpful house sale tips

Helpful house sale tips

By Eddy Flower

Are you hoping to sell your house really fast? Well, most people looking to sell their houses must always ensure that everything is done correctly. If you want to achieve a quick house sale whatever the reasons may be, there are definitely some superb ways to avoid the long wait and process involved with selling your house. Here is how to ensure a fast sale for your house:


Pound for pound, a fresh layer of paint provides you more bang for decorating the house than anything else. Even though your current palette is comparatively new, any wear marks or scuffs will end up channeling an unkempt vibe. An unusual colour choice too may also limit your house’s appeal, even if it’s at the height of fashion. So do away with that roller and use a couple of attractive sand or warm white paint coats.

Improve the lighting

Yap! Replace any outdated light fixtures immediately. How do you tell if the lighting deserves to go? If it is over 20 years old and in fact looks like it is – when it isn’t even a vintage (60-70 years old) or antique piece – it should definitely go. Retro’ isn’t something that many homebuyers are looking out for. You do not need to break the bank, just visit Canadian Tire or IKEA.

Take down curtains

Out-of-date window treatments need to also come down. If it is over 15 years old, get rid of it immediately. If privacy isn’t in any way a big issue, just leave your windows bare to make the rooms’ dimensions appear more generous and also to maximise natural light. Otherwise, buy linen drapes or basic-issue cotton from well-priced retailers in the UK. Always tie up drapes during open houses and viewing sessions.

Give a facelift to your dated bathrooms

A nice bathroom plays an important role in selling a house fast but, do not invest in a complete renovation. Renovations are costly, and besides, you will not recoup your expenses unless you find the exact décor doppelganger for your bathroom. Bring an out-of-date bathroom to speed by gleaming its walls white with a fresh coat of white paint or ceramic tiles and new lighting. Buy a simple bath mat, new neutral shower curtains and vanity set. Remember to also have fresh flowers in the bathroom during open houses.


Let your house appear beautiful by taking away the collectibles from it. Donate the mismatched armchair (or put it into storage) and pare down your closets to what you are actually wearing this season, packing up the rest. Basically, all this extra stuff would go to charity (if in good condition), into the storage, or the garbage dump. The more your house is cluttered the smaller it appears and this can greatly draw away potential buyers.

Put up mirrors

Make dark rooms appear brighter and small rooms seem bigger by adding attractive wall mirrors. A box-like dining room will greatly be spiced up by a leaning floor mirror, and an entranceway will be more welcoming when a console mirror is added.

Tend the backyard

Easy fix-its will definitely make the most of your house’s existing backyard layout. Replace all damaged boards on your fence or deck, apply a fresh coat of stain, or sealant and paint if the finish requires it. Groom and weed your garden and don’t forget to add some perennials to enhance more colour when in season. Think “update,” “refresh,” and “tidy”: never do any major or costly like adding a pond or swimming pool, which may draw away potential buyers.

Spiff up the front yard

Refresh the front yard of your house according to the season. In summer, fall and spring, trim back foliage and dead plants and perennials or plant attractive annuals in flowerbeds. During winter, keep the walkway of your home shoveled and remember to cut back any shrub or tree branches that have been damaged by heavy snowfall. A pair of flanking planters at the front door, filled with seasonal arrangements immediately conveys pride of ownership.

Update the porch hardware

Increase the curb appeal of your house by updating its front porch hardware. Buy a bell or doorknocker, kick plate, mailbox, lockset and doorknob in a complimentary styles or in a set. Brushed nickel is a superb neutral never gets out-of-date, but the styles and finishes ought to look pleasing together.